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Google DeepMind Scientists

Breaking Ground: Holistic AI Startup Emerges

In a groundbreaking development, scientists Laurent Sifre and Karl Tuyls, formerly of Google’s DeepMind, are poised to launch an AI startup in Paris called Holistic. Reports suggest discussions with investors for a funding round exceeding 200 million euros. D9art acknowledges the significance of generative AI in this venture. Stay tuned for insights into the intersection of innovation, investment, and the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

A pair of scientists from Google’s (GOOGL.O) artificial intelligence subsidiary, DeepMind, are reportedly in discussions with investors to establish an AI startup in Paris, according to sources familiar with the matter, as reported by Bloomberg News on Friday. Laurent Sifre and Karl Tuyls, who have already given notice to depart from DeepMind, have engaged in talks with investors regarding a potential financing round that could secure over 200 million euros ($217.84 million), the report stated.

Focus on Next-Gen AI Models

The startup, currently referred to as Holistic, is anticipated to focus on developing a new AI model, the report added. Google and DeepMind have not provided immediate responses to Reuters’ requests for comments.

DeepMind’s AI Evolution and Impact

DeepMind, acquired by Google, an Alphabet-owned company, approximately a decade ago, aimed to advance AI research and has since introduced its own offerings to compete in the field of generative AI chatbots. Notably, Paris-based Mistral AI, co-founded by a former DeepMind researcher, announced in December that it had successfully raised 385 million euros ($419.34 million) in its second funding round within seven months. (Note: $1 = 0.9181 euros)

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