Exclusive: US tackles loopholes in curbs on AI chip exports to China

Exclusive: US tackles loopholes in curbs on AI chip exports to China

The United States is set to implement measures preventing American chipmakers from selling semiconductors to China that bypass government restrictions, marking a part of the Biden administration’s forthcoming actions to restrict further exports of AI chips. These regulations will be appended to the extensive U.S. restrictions on the export of advanced chips and chipmaking equipment to China, initially disclosed in October of the previous year, with the updated regulations expected to be unveiled this week.

Under these new rules, specific AI chips that marginally fall below existing technical criteria will be prohibited, and companies will be obligated to report shipments of others, as revealed by an unnamed U.S. official. While the U.S. Department of Commerce, responsible for export controls, has refrained from commenting, this latest move intensifies the clampdown on tech exports to China and coincides with U.S. efforts to improve diplomatic relations with the country.

The Biden administration has emphasized that these export restrictions aim to prevent U.S. chips and equipment from bolstering China’s military capabilities, a stance contested by Beijing, which accuses the United States of abusing export controls to suppress Chinese companies. This marked a significant shift in U.S.-China tech policy.

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