Meta Starts Rolling Out Generative AI Tools For All Advertisers

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Meta Starts Rolling Out Generative AI Tools For All Advertisers

On Wednesday, Meta Platforms (META.O), the social media powerhouse, announced the commencement of the deployment of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools designed to craft content, including image backgrounds and various text variations, for advertisers. This significant move follows their earlier testing of these tools in May, where a select group of advertisers had access within a “testing playground.” The complete rollout of these tools will take place next year and can be accessed through Meta’s Ads Manager.

This development represents Meta’s initial venture into incorporating generative AI technology into its products, a move aimed at harnessing extensive repositories of historical data to produce fresh content spanning text, art, and software code. Just last week, Meta revealed its plans to enable businesses to leverage AI for engaging with customers via Messenger and WhatsApp for business messaging.

Meta’s array of AI offerings encompasses the language model “Llama 2” and an AI chatbot named Meta AI, proficient in generating textual responses and creating photorealistic images.

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